Office Management Project

Hi all,

I am looking to get some thoughts on an idea i have to help my work place. i am looking to develop an online PHP based system to allow office staff to login and have access to some of the below features.

I am wondering if it would be best coding it all from raw coding or maybe some peoples thoughts on a framework and any suggestions.

Also if anyone knows of one that has been done with these features then let me know so i can look into it please

Many thanks

Features (Admin)

  • Amend user information
  • User Groups
  • Add users
  • Delete users
  • Assign tasks to users
  • Post performance figures to Groups and individuals
  • Approve Holidays
  • Book meetings with Groups and individuals

Features (User)

  • Edit Profile
  • Request Holidays
  • View tasks
  • View Performance Figures
  • View Meetings

these are just some features that i would be looking to add :slight_smile: