Looking for an idea for a PHP Script - Maintenance & Repair Manager

Recently had a spam marketing email pointing to this: https://demo.fixflo.com/Auth/HomeIssueCreate needs a bit improvement with user interface and a back-end management system, I checked codecanyon but there is nothing on here like it, a wider search on Google doesn’t find much either so definitely a great idea for someone to look at - I would definitely buy if PHP coded :wink:

I can make something like that… but I need more details. contact me on skype: hydrozowa

Hi Hydrozowa, don’t have skype! here is some ideas I have (obviously just a draft idea for you to expand upon)

Property Maintenance Manager

Complete property repair and maintenance manager with user accounts provided roll specific access and information uploading and communication between users. From logging the initial report the system monitors the progress of the repair from inspection to quotation to completion and invoicing.


  1. Admin
  2. Staff
  3. Contractor
  4. User level 1
  5. User level 2

User login interface:

  1. Registration / login (admin to approve registration – option to switch off registration from admin panel – system to record user details and property) registration requires full details about user and full details about all properties linked to the user.

User report interface:

  1. Report system ( icon / text based filter down levels for options ie:
    Start > select property > Internal > bathroom > sink > tap > leaking > add information or photo (option should be dynamic and be able to be expanded or edited via admin panel allowing the system to be customised)

  2. Database System (data is then stored in database which records all information regarding property and user along with the report, php email notification system of new reports.
    Control Panels:


Full access and control, ability to add/remove/edit all report levels


As admin but no settings no settings access - (no settings access, access / update all information for all users / update report status / view & edit all internal notes for all users / upload information such as images / invoice / quotations)


No settings access no editing of information by other users - (see report information, upload / view information for contractor such as quotes / update report status, add contractor notes)

User level 1:

No settings access no editing of information by other users - ( property owner - access to user level 1 information / quotations & invoices / report information / read & add internal notes to staff user or contractor user)

User level 2:

No settings access no editing of information by other users - (tenant - access to user level 2 information, view report, add additional information to report, see internal notes for level 2 user)