I have built a Management Platform for Managing Personell / Freelancers - can I sell it?

Hello There Folks,

First off, I am a total IT novice.

Secondly, I have developed a website/platform for my business which I actually don’t need, and basically I am hoping to sell this. A LOT of work has gone into this and it is very nice and works great. There is a typical website, there is a client login, a Freelancer/worker / Consultant login, and an Admin Login. The platform allows clients to upload projects, the admin to distribute the work to the freelancers, all work is tracked, invoices and quotations can be raised, there are chat features etc.

Its really good and the only reason as to why I am not using it is because my client base are old school and will only use email to communicate as opposed to creating a profile on the website and managing everything there from project submission to final payment?

What do you think?