Website with Appointments, Inventory and other modules to resell to mulitple clients

I am looking for assistance to build a website that I sell to other clients where they can log in and display their goods and services, be allowed to use various apps such as appointments and inventory.
The client can be given a domain name or use
Any help?

Look for “listing” themes at ThemeForest

Hi @kevinmarajh,

Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. If you would like for doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the experts freelancer at Envato Studio.


You won’t find that out of the box - listings or multi vendor themes might help with the very basics - this won’t include inventory, appointment, or other advanced type of functionality.

Envato studio might offer someone who could help but you need to have a realistic budget (well into thousands of $) in mind.

With respect trying to use a stock theme for a site like this (if you plan to have any level of customers) is a very naive choice - aside from the big setup investment (using stock or not) you need to consider the necessary hosting, security and significant level of maintenance to manage and bug fix etc.

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Hello Kevin.

You may try envato studio but if somehow it doesn’t work out for you then please connect with me via my envato profile email