Looking for a custom user management system



Hello everybody,

I am new to this forum because I have a question.
At the moment at my job we are looking in creating a website for a funeral company.

Now this website should have custom user management system for the following groups :
Admin ( can doe everything )
Funeral employee ( has a list of users below them that they can do certain stuff for the user below them )
And users ( be able to create a funeral card, poster and put it all in a shopping card. )

Basically the user is only allowed to create everything since they are also mourning about their loss.
So this means the funeral employee is the only one able to see the price and push the order so it will be processed.

Is there a user management system that let’s me do most of this ?

Best regards,


Hi Wouter,

Website you are going to build seems pretty interesting and little different as well as customized. For such requirements, you must create a little bit of good plan and then try finding out up to what % of your needs matchs with the existing system available on codecanyon.

Feel free to contact me back if any questions.



Hello Wouter,

We can develop this app using wordpress and above mentioned functionality is possible with role management
where we create different user roles with different permissions.

However need to chat about this in depth to make a successful project. Why dont you add me on skype and then we can discuss it.

My skype : call2kkp

Once we discuss everything you can place order on studio envato.



Wordpress organically support custom user types and permissions, which can be done with a developer.

Alternatively, Paid Memberships Pro has fairly intuitive access control that you could use to set up different groups, which have access to specific pages.


Yeah I already figurerd it out and made what I needed.