PHP best code formatter

What PHP code formatter configuration are you using to automatic format your PHP code?

I’m using Eclipse Luna and it has 3 configurations:

PHP Conventions (built-in)
Zend Framework 1 (built-in)
PSR-2 Conventions (built-in)

I see in WordPress core classes, for instance, that this is preferred:
return max( 1, $pagenum );

but I rather prefer (maybe because of my background in Java) this one:
return max(1, $pagenum);

That’s a simple example… but though, when you have lot of code, are you formatting it manually? Or which code formatter is the best? Are you using an online formatter? Which one?

Usually you would use but if you jump in a project like wordpress that has it’s own coding standards, then the respectful thing to do is to code using that standard.

L.E: So in your case, have eclipse use psr-2.