Anyone using Sublime Text 3? How do you autoformat/prettify PHP code with WordPress standards?


So I’m using Sublime Text 3 for last few months and I love it!!

The only issue is that I can’t find any nice autoformat plugin/package that works with PHP. I found it for HTML,CSS etc (HTML-CSS-JS Prettify) and it works great, but none for PHP.

Some that I found are not really doing the job greatly (I do it better manually) and not following WordPress standards in a way they do the job (for example they put register_sidebar code all in a single line).

PHPTidy is what I’m hearing about all the time, but it’s not working with ST3, only ST2.

ST3 users, and everyone else, how do you format your PHP in WordPress? Doing it manually is what I hope you’re not doing, cause it’s time consuming :smiley:



I format the code manually in sublime text 2 and i don’t think it is time consuming :slight_smile:




Auto formatting code sometimes doesn’t give you the results you want, so format it while you code :slight_smile:


I use same package control item, but with ST2. ST3 was dumped when we watched it start auto overwriting RunDLL.dll and a few others with garbage code. Beta means beta. As far as ST2 goes, not being beta, ots folders are well laid out , so you can tweak Prettify a bit. Advice, don’t bother. If you have a request, send it to the author at his package control page (best) or his homepage/Gist if you feel even more friendly. Tidy and Twig will do?

Best practice, we thunk, was run prettify as you like, get used to what you can tolerate, and CTRL-H or manually dig through to your desired code profile.

Profiles are a mystery, eh. Archive your custom packages before a quick reinstall, and Prettify HTML only seems to behave better and better. My think is, by tomorrow prettify makes my coffee and …

-(:o)~ ~ ~