Photoshop Layer style on multiple images

Hey guys, so I have a set of over 100 icons that I want to quickly apply the same layer style to all of them, and then save them. I don’t really want to have to each icon manually by hand, so is there a sort of automated process that can do this?

I’m not the best person in the photoshop interface, so any help is appreciated lol =D


Place the icons in a folder a seperate files. Then set up an action - record yourself opening one image, apply the relevant layer style, save and close. Then stop recording the action. Now you will be able to apply this action to the batch of icon images in that folder. The file>automate>batch command in the file menu if I remember correctly will be what you can use, and open the actions panel to create the action. Check google for help with creating the action or the batch command.

Best of luck

If they were in the same PSD file, you could make a new group and place them all in that group then just apply the layer style to the group. :slight_smile:

another quick way to duplicate layer styles is to hold down the alt key on the keyboard and click+drag the “fx” logo over to the layer you want to duplicate the style on to …

Thanks for the quick replies guys. I went with iamdok’s way because they were separate image files in their own folder.

Cheers for the other tips you gave me, very useful =)