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I know there is a thriving marketplace for photoshop and illustrator actions. I was wondering whether there was a place to upload scripts? Actions are obviously limited in their scope and scripts allow for a lot more user interaction and variable logic.

Specifically, I have developed a number of scripts for both producing randomized game maps and other procedural visuals that require logic and allow for a user to input various parameters.

In many ways, a script is a very convenient thing for a user to work with as you can provide a clear user-interface and doesn’t require installing plugins. For example in Illustator you hit ctrl-F12 and select the script! Thats it!

I’d very much like to hear from the Envato staff and hear their thoughts on building a marketplace for Photoshop and Illustrator scripts capable of generating stunning visuals that are more complex than is possible with actions.

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Hi Jake, I’m just curious about how that works, do you have a video demonstrating one of that randomized game maps?

I don’t immediately. I built these scripts for a personal project. The script that i’d say is closest to being sell-able basically follows the methodology outlined in this resource:

I’ve also been playing with more traditional dungeon generators and isometric map generators. These are all things that you could never do with actions. The user is given a dialog with options like ‘mean spacing’, ‘position noise’ and biome preference and the script then generates the map based on these inputs.

There are a number of “quirks” that i’d have to iron out to refine them into sell-able products. This is basically why i’m asking. I’m wondering whether or not it’s worth my time making the user-interface more presentable and fixing some of the idiosyncrasies that I was happy to live with as the creator but would not be good enough to sell.

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