Photoshop advanced help needed

Hi guys and Merry Christmas!

I am making some actions for GraphicRiver and I am stuck on something which I think only photoshop scientists know.
You see I want to make the reflection trick, but I don’t know how to align the top of the reflection layer to the bottom position of my main layer.
So the top position of a layer to be aligned in the bottom position of another layer.

Like this:

If I just do the normal bottom align, but it aligns the bottom part of my reflection layer to the bottom of the layer I take its position, and that’s not what I need.

If someone knows this and tell me I will be forever grateful, and not only that If you know this then you must be Photoshop scientist and you should be very proud of that!!!

Hope anyone can help. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I don’t really understand what do you need, but if you want to do reflection all you need is to flip vertical first logo and place it under the second one, lower opacity and add gradient mask…

The question is quite messy, but probably what you need is to move the anchor point (the center point while using the transform tool) to the bottom middle, then use the vertical flip (now it flips over the bottom line instead of center). This works when you copy the object at the same position.

Other way is to use smart objects, but I dont know what are you really trying to do. Using the transform action automatisation you will have to solve what if in main object are letters as “g, y, q” and similar which does a space on bottom side.

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Thanks guys, the solution as @SoulDesign said was to press Transform and align the anchor point to the bottom of the layer. Thank you man!!!

Thanks so much all :smile:
Merry Christmas.

yes u are right but there maybe other ways lol depending on how u want to work and which version u possess