Photoshop Actions Contest Winners Announced

This contest is now OVER! See all the winners here!

#Share and create an image using one of our Special Promotion Photoshop Actions and win a share of $1,000

#What we’re looking for

We want you to create and share an image using one of our discounted Photoshop Actions available in our latest marketing campaign and post it to this thread. Our favorite submissions will win a share of $1,000 Envato Market credit prizes and each winner will receive an Envato T-shirt!

#How to Enter

  1. Apply one of the Photoshop actions purchased from our Photoshop Action marketing campaign to your image, graphic, or photograph.
  2. Post before and after JPG and/or GIF images to the image in this thread.
  3. Post the name and link of the Photoshop action you used.

You can enter as many times as you like.

#Prizes & Judging

We’re giving away a cool $1,000 in prizes!

  • Grand Prize: $500 + Envato T-shirt + Won a Contest Community badge.
  • Runner-up: $250 + Envato T-shirt
  • 3rd Place: $150 + Envato T-shirt
  • 4th Place: $100 + Envato T-shirt
  • 5th Place: Envato T-shirt

Winners may receive a maximum of one prize.

We will be inviting some Photoshop action creators to help judge this event! We’ll determine a set of finalists based on the number of submissions we get and we’ll get our group of action authors to decide who wins! Our judges will be looking for high quality submissions that are visually appealing and showcase the capabilities of the selected Photoshop action.

#Important Dates

  • Deadline: Monday, May 8th, 2017 (11pm AEDT)
  • Winners Announced by: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017.

Good luck!


The photo looks amazing) Great contest!

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I’ll be giving a small acoustic concert for my friends at the local pub soon. So, the news about the contest, have gladded me. I`ve decided to combine these 2 events and to make a small animated gif-invitation to my concert, using two wonderful Photoshop Actions: Double Light Photoshop Action by Eugene-design & Animated Fire Embers & Sparks Photoshop Action by Artoriusus

The actions looks amazing.
Let’s do it!!!



This item here, seems to have a combination of actions, sparks and energy, but the link is only for sparks so… Do the participants need to have the sparks plugin only so “it counts”, or can they use energy as well ?

Also, you mention JPEGS, i guess gifs count as well since this plugin exists in the list ?

Thanks in advance, good luck to all!


Good competition!

Great contest to everyone, I’m in!

Hi @scottwills, i think

“Post before and after JPG images…”

should be

“Post before and after JPG or GIF images to the image in this thread.”

As stated by @blerc :slight_smile:

We would like also to replace the preview image on the promo page, because off banner created with defects.
We made files for previews to your sizes, add to the letter.
Our action is an animated, it is desirable to change the banner for gif-file.

Thank you in advance.
Good luck with sales everyone!


Hi guys, great contest! A nice break from music for me as a Audiojungle author :slight_smile:

Here’s my submission! It’s a picture I took of my friend and Dutch professional model Jade Engels and my car (a BMW E90 M3), taken with a Nikon D7200.

Besides some basic manual retouching I used Sevenstyles Glory Photoshop Action to easily change the background, but without changing the subject too much. I also used the Glory action for some color toning as it includes some great color presets!

I absolutely love Sevenstyles actions and have used them in many of my images. They’re easy to use, come with great instructions (video tutorials by Sevenstyles himself) and have a huge visual impact.

Well, I hope you like this image! If I should win something I will share it with Jade, the model in this picture.

Thanks guys and good luck to all!


Hi @blerc! Yes, GIFs are acceptable too seeing as one can create animated images from some of the actions. Instructions updated, thanks for mentioning! :slight_smile:


Photoshop Action:

This action was used on all following .gifs.

:warning: Notice:

Since the upload limit on Envato Forums is 3MB, all .gifs with higher resolution were published on the link below… check it out:

:star2: Before - 1

:star2: After - 1


:star2: Before - 2

As the bear on picture above seems to be stuffed, I also used this other to achieve a better wild life feeling:

:star2: After - 2

:star2: Before - 3


:star2: After - 3


:star2: Before - 4



:star2: After - 4

:star2: Before - 5


:star2: After - 5

:star2: Before - 6


:star2: After - 6

:star2: Before - 7


:star2: After - 7

:star2: Before - 8


:star2: After - 8

:star2: Before - 9

:star2: After - 9

:star2: After - 10



One more from me, this time using the Gif Animated Fog Photoshop Action, however I choose to use a static image.

This is the before and after of a picture of my car again. I manually created a dark moody atmosphere for it, but the fog action really impressed me by creating these natural fog effects in just a few minutes. I do a lot of automotive photography and editing and I can really see myself using this action a lot in the near future!


Here’s my submission!


I do very excited to this contest, so I use the photo of my lovely baby boy to edited. This photo taken when he 6 months old and now he’s 7 months old. For me, this image has become an amazing picture because I made it with full of love and happiness. This also can be the very precious album memories of my kid that he can see when he grows up later.
I use Ultimatum - Digital Art Photoshop Action, because it has an unique and creative effects, very highly detailed result and the important thing is very easy to edit.

Thank you and good luck everyone!


Hi I am new here and I thought maybe a self-portrait can show you who I am. Sorry for my English…
I used Artist PS Action to this contest.


well done :+1:

Hi, be welcome @JOHANVAN :grinning:

Don’t forget to put the link to your action:

3. Post the name and link of the Photoshop action you used.


Here is my image using the Artist Photoshop Action by sevenstyles. [



Have a Happy Buddhist New Year :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:



Photoshop Action Name
Gif Animated Ephemera

Photoshop Action Link