Photos Are Not Showing in My Collection

A month ago, I created a collection folder and added couple of photos a client wanted me to use in a collateral I’m designing for them from Photodune. We calculated the cost everything. Now that the client has sent me the money to purchase these photos, when I click on the collection folder I only see one photo even though I added 5 photos. The total in the collection even says 5, but when I clicks to enter the collection, I only see 1 photo. This is my first time experiencing this. I really need to purchase those particular photos. Any idea why the total is 5 but only one showing in the collection? I’ve been looking everywhere on Envato website but I can’t find any means to contact them directly about this bug.

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We recently went through a huge clean up on PhotoDune which meant that many photos were removed from the library. It’s likely those missing 4 photos were part of the clean up.