Photodune Rejected Pictures

Hey there,
Today some of my pictures have been rejected and after reading the terms i still don’t know what is wrong with does photos. I hope someone can give me an advise or tell me whats wrong.

The reviewer also provided:

We’re not able to accept your submission as it appears to contain copyrighted content or content in the submission is protected by intellectual property rights and is not allowed to be sold as a stock photograph. This can include real-world products, logos, trademarks, art, etc.

Here the pictures:

I will appreciate your feedback!

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Also I have received many rejections.
This is not acceptable. Photodune rejects me pictures that other agencies accepted without problems. In addition, these images are immediately sold while photodune refuses them.


I’m guessing because they are pictures of prominent buildings that could be easily identified if shown to the right people. Not a good explanation I know but its the best I could come up with. I’m trying to get on PD myself but was told I need to photography things from a diverse background; don’t stick solely to plants and weather pics.

Though its possible they are looking at permissions in regards to being able to sell pictures of these buildings for profit.

Despite the provided link this one would probably be more helpful:

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