Photo Caption Contest 001 > Barista

Let’s Drink Some Happy Thoughts.:wink:

Pouring life

“Thirsty Beardy” :wink:

Glass is Half Empty or Half Full. Attitude Matters!

Water from the Beardy Bushes :slight_smile:

“Bath Your Beard” :smiley:

Is that H2O? OMG :open_mouth:

“Quest for Thirst” :slight_smile:

“Who wants my free Vodka… ha… ha…”

“Ahh, Melbourne water. Take that, Sydney.”


“Strewth, that group of drongos from the Envato office are in for lunch again, yabberin’ about yakka bizzo. They’re such cheapskates… I didn’t get a ripper doctorate in coffee making so I could pour water for people. The flamin’ galahs… makes me mad as a cut snake.”

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“When a shoemaker feels thirsty, he’s named a barista”.

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It’s not Beer, Just Water Buddy

The Barista Badge is just one of the many merit tattoos you can earn in Hipster Boy Scouts

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Hey beard man, one glass is already filled, just make only one!!!

Sometimes i drink a glass of water, just to surprise my liver :wink:


"One Direction" - failed! Now, I’m doing it!

The man: - A perfect composition of hydrogen and oxy…
The woman: - Dude, stop!

Winner Announced

Congratulations to our winner @SpaceStockFootage! We’ll be in touch later today so we know where to send your Envato sticker. Thanks for everyone’s entries, we had a good chuckle. Stay tuned for another caption contest next week! :camera: :smiley:

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Yay… winner, winner, chicken dinner! Or winner, winner Envato sticker… as the case may be!