Photo Caption Contest 003 > Library Students

We’re running a photo caption contest!

What is this?

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How to enter

  • Post a funny caption to the photo below.
  • Post your caption right here in the forum thread.
  • "Keep it clean, and don’t make it mean."

Choosing a winner

  • Community members vote for the funniest caption. Vote by clicking the “like” button image
  • If there’s a tie, we’ll choose the winner from the captions with the most votes.
  • If there’s any suspicious voting we’ll choose a winner irrespective of the # of votes.
  • Winner at the end of the contest period (Friday, September 8, 11pm AEST) wins an Envato sticker.
  • Previous winners can enter but can only win one prize per calendar month.
  • Good luck!



The reset button has got to be around here somewhere.

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Ok, so I’ll just sharpen my pencil right here! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can shoot you with this pencil…hgrrrh…!!!

“Can I sharpen my pencil?”

“Maybe I get more sales if I do this.”

Winner Announced

Congratulations to our winner @saranshvfx! We’re not quite sure what the caption means but you got the most votes so we’ll be in touch later today so we know where to send your Envato sticker. Thanks for everyone’s entries! :camera: :smiley: