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We’re running a photo caption contest!

What is this?

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How to enter

  • Post a funny caption to the photo below.
  • Post your caption right here in the forum thread.
  • Do not repost the image or add your caption directly to the image.
  • You may enter multiple times, please post as separate entries so they can be voted.
  • Envato staff may enter but cannot win.
  • "Keep it clean, and don’t make it mean."

Choosing a winner

  • Community members vote for the funniest caption. Vote by clicking the “like” button image
  • If there’s a tie, we’ll choose the winner from the captions with the most votes.
  • Winner at the end of the week (Friday, August 18, 11pm AEST) wins an Envato sticker.
  • Good luck!



"Laters, Baby"

Wait till they get a taste of this artisanal water


Do you want fries with that?

“Time for my mid-morning vodka.”

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“I’ve got this Movember competition in the bag!”


"Gary knew his application to join ZZ Top would be successful one day, he just needed more time. "


“Serving water is not as easy as it looks” :smirk:

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Patrick, is that you? I thought your day was gone :bearded_person: :shamrock:

"Let the water broke"

" Flattering by watering! "

Have you tried our organic, free-range, vegan friendly water?


Scientist excited that magic formula to clone Conor McGregor is almost complete.


May be silent for now, but, she utters when I water!

“She’s looking? Do not mess, Adam!”

"It’s better, It’s neater
To ask her out
With a glass of water"

“Going to grow this beard more with water, haa haa”

“How long is this shot going to take?” Gary thought to himself, his arm growing weaker by the minute. He had been clean-shaven when the photo shoot began.


"‘Come and model in my photo shoot’ he said. ‘It’ll be fun’ he said. Ha! I would have walked out by now if this was any old photo shoot. But no… as these images are going on Envato Elements, I know that I’m helping to open up a world of creative possibilities for everyone’s design projects. I know that my contribution will help people to push their creative boundaries and focus on great design, without having to worry about credits or download limits.

So I do it not for my friend, and not because it will be fun. I do it because a community of passionate designers is out there… consistently creating high quality and unique assets for people to use in the projects. Ask not what you can do for the art of pouring water and pretending to be a barista… but what you can do for an ever-evolving world of unlimited creative possibilities.

But yeah, I really hope this shoot is over soon, I need to get back home to finish off that course I’ve been watching on Tuts+, one of over 20,000 courses to help me learn great new skills. I also need to get that logo designed for my new modelling page on Envato Studio, where I can choose the perfect person from a community of designers, developers and creatives, ready to work on my project.

Once I’ve got that sorted, I’m also going to need some stationary templates. So I might swing by Envato Market and see if one of the over 9 million digital products created by a global community of designers, developers, photographers, illustrators & producers… will fit the bill.

Seriously, I think my arm has gone dead now."

(This one’s just in case people from the marketing team and/or Elements/Tuts+/Studio teams get to vote… gotta cover all the bases!)