Phalcon Framework


I noticed recently someone else has suggested support for the phalcon framework to be added into the list of Php frameworks. I myself am a user of Phalcon and would also like to see support for it, unless someone could give me a work around for adding an appropriate miscellaneous tag when submitting a project to CodeCanyon.

Thanks in advance.

Phalcon framework is an “Extention” to PHP (you need to install a C-Extension), not a lot of hosting provider supports it.

That’s why I think Envato no really intreated in it.


I understand that, however, there are quite a few developers who prefer to build applications using it for the benefits it offers. Seeing as there isn’t a direct tag to categorize an application under, how would one go about uploading a script that requires it?

I would also like to point out that several web hosting companies have added Phalcon support under their hosting packages. The hosts known to support phalcon can be found here. The following websites also support Phalcon: and RawHost.

I’d also like to bring to attention that the latest CPanel update comes with Phalcon support as well.

Thanks in advance.

You may submit your project in “Phalcon” but I am not sure they will accept it!

Also, even cPanel support Phalcon but it does not default, its an extension you have to manually select while using “Easy Apache”.

I know “Phalcon” is very fast, faster than any framework, but due to extension installation it’s not getting very popular in Developers,

I hope one day it will be the included in PHP Extension are or Major hosting provider support it.