Is it necessary to use framework in PHP Product?

Hey, its my first time I am trying to create and upload item on CodeCanyon.
Unfortunately, my product was rejected and I got a response from reviewer “Consider using at least a minimal framework to structure the application better. Right now, it’s a mix of HTML, PHP and SQL.”

I had never used any framework for my PHP Scripts, so is that what I was doing wrong all the time? Is it always necessary to use framework while constructing a script/software in PHP ?

No, just leave in the reviewer comments that you don’t want to use a framework for that item.

Thanks baileyherbert for responding.

Unfortunately, I can’t find where to comment which will be sent to reviewer.
Also, in the email which I got from envato, it says “unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Is that the reason I can’t comment?

How can I contact envato and ask the reason of rejection?

Hi @harshitpeer, have you managed to do something about that? Did envato replied you about your rejection? I just got the same problem. I never used a framework, and I manage my own framework. Why should we use a default framework? And if we want to create a easy framework? Why doesn’t Envato accepts our own custom framework. And is there any support mentioning the use for any framework? It’s a bit disapointing, when we work for 5 months into something that is rejected for not having a framework. If we offer support, it’s also for a reason… Sorry about this, but i feel a bit disapointed on this rejection.


Both my projects (and upcoming :grin:) are made without a PHP framework, just some shared I made and use in all my projects.