Payoneer Help Lack of Support

i accidentally attached my teachers payoneer to my envato account .
We were checking how envato payoneer cashout works :frowning: but problem is my teacher account cant work because due to shipping address he cant get his card now …
Now i want to attach my payoneer account which i received recently but there is no option to change payoneer…

Help support not replying :frowning:
i thinks i haven’t any solution for my problem and i have $$ in my envato account which increasing day by day … But i cant cashout them .
Skrill and paypal are not available and payoneer cant be changed …

Poor Support from Support team :frowning:

Anyone ? Who can help ?

We give them 37% of our earning and they even dont care

Mate, as an author you should know we, the community can’t do anything to help you. You need to contact Envato Help & Support Center to get help. Cheers, and I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’re having!

If there’s no option to do so, then only support can help with this. I’m sure they’ll get back to you soon, especially now the weekend is over. But not to worry, you’ve got until the 31st of October to get it sorted, so hopefully it will all be sorted this week. Not quite sure where you’re getting the 37% from, but still… good luck!