Payment Gateway not working

Hi all

I’ve been trying to purchase a theme for the last 2 days and its not accepting my payments.
Any clue how this problem can be solve?

You should probably contact Envato support -

If it’s not just you, that would partially explain why sales dropped by 50-60% this week compared to last 6 weeks, but I didn’t noticed someone else complaining about same thing, so it may be just you.

Anyways, your best option would be to contact Envato Support

Thank you. I’ll contact them now and see whats up.

Which payment gateways you are using? I have experiences for many payment gateways.

It is same here, sales dropped almost 60% since the first of this month, do you have the same?

Maybe Envato has issues with their payments system?

Was there a fix to your problem? I am having the same issues.

Hi @idestinymarie, please see this thread: payment not working