Payfast / Change License

Hi, three questions.

  1. Our ListingPro license was bought through a web developer. We are no longer making use of them. The website has been completed. We have bought our own license now. How can I change the license number on the website? I don’t want to upload the theme again because that might overwrite my current website. As I said, the website is finished.

  2. I have three different plans with different options. Why do all the options for the business listings show in the dashboard, no matter what plan they choose?

  3. I have downloaded the Payfast plugin and was able to put the license key, merchant key and passphrase in the ListingPro section, but it still shows “activate license” when I click on it to input my Payfast license; it stays greyed out. I have contacted Payfast, and they said they couldn’t help me with that as Listingpro developed the Payfast for Listingpro plugin.

Thank you

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