[Paid] Web designer/developer required.

Hello All,

I’m looking for a freelancer/team to help me redevelop a website. The client has a software development business and the current site is not responsive and not near any modern standards. The goal is to create a new responsive site that will have a better usability, user experience and able to increase leads.

Whats required;

  1. A creative design approach (Branding, UX, UI, Usability)
  2. Wireframe -> design -> development -> implementation process.
  3. Wordpress development with very fast loading time expected. (under 2s)
  4. Clean and well written code (No copy paste from themes)
  5. Minimal use of Plugins.
  6. About 6-7 pages (Blog page included)
  7. Google structured data (Micro data) implementation.
  8. Social media integration (Addthis, etc)
  9. Responsive design must work on all browsers and platforms (Glitch free)
  10. Good use of typography (Supports all browsers)
  11. Clear understanding of professional web design with focus on usability and conversion optimisation.
  12. SEO suport (Yoast)
  13. Attention to detail & quality.

You must be;

  1. Postive
  2. Work under pressure
  3. Under promise but over deliver
  4. Must have a impressive portfolio
  5. Must be able to communicate and show good availability.
  6. If you’re in europe thats a plus (Easy with time zone differences)

What I will provide;

Project budget: $3000 - $3500 (Negotiable)
All logo, content, images.
Wireframe designs.
Skype meetings.

If the above criteria is something you can work with please send me a private message and do not forget to attach samples of your work.

Thank you.

I’m interested in this job. Contact me via email for more details: Abdullah.media (@) gmail.com



As per your requirement I could surely help you. Please add me on Skype-cis.hayden so that we can discuss.


You probably want to change that as anything between 1s and 2s is considered really slow. Most websites I provide load below 0.5s, which is regarded as standard and decreases amount of exits. Apart from the code optimisation, hosting plays a huge role here so make sure you invest money somewhere good :smile:

Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggestion. If you check “under promise but over deliver” this is what I was expecting :wink:

Yes with hosting I use the best (siteground specially) with boosters and CCDN :wink:

If you’re interested you can PM me your portfolio :slight_smile:

Please PM me your portfolio. Thanks.

Please PM me your portfolio. I want to look at portfolio before talking on skype that way we both save time. Thank you :slight_smile:

I really would and I am sure I can provide you with all required deliverables, but I am swamped in work until mid January. If the deadline isn’t very tight and you are willing to take a step back during the Xmas time I am more than happy to get in touch with you.


I just sent you a message.


I’m aslo from Europe. But I’m going to be available next year