Paid Admin panel Restrictions and copywrite issues on codecanyon

hi every one , our company has an idea to launch a IVR system on codecanyon , however there are some paid plugin and scripts that they will be using in development , first one is admin panel from themeforest second one the chart js and some other from . however i know they have purchased them and have a valid license but would not it will be illegal , if yes then would you please give me some hints how to pass these scripts with codecanyon , or if they wont allow do we need to move totally open source scripts ? thanks in advance


If you want to use other codecanyon scripts in your own item, you’ll need the extended license of them (not the regular one). Here is more info about licenses:

Together with their extended license you will need written consent (preferably via email) from each script author, a consent that they allow you to use their script in your item.

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