i want to sell a modified version of an app

Hello , i had purchased an app template with admin panel . Now i have made major changes to the app ( complete redesign with added features ) but admin panel remains the same. can i resell this source code on codecanyon?


  1. can i sell it as a standalone source code? although admin panel was purchased from an existing author
  2. can i sell my code ( new files ) as a module/extension to the existing original source code? ( sell it to the original buyers only?)
  3. can i purchase extended license and then sell it as my own code?

no, you can’t. copyright violation. you must have to get permission from the original author to use their item in your app.

Hello bazilbycom,

Assuming that you bought the Extended License for this app template, then you are allowed to sell copies of your End Product. However, your End Product must be something that incorporates the Item as well as other things, so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the Item.

The key here is larger in scope and different in nature. For example, if you purchase a “visual builder plugin” for WordPress, you can build and sell a WordPress theme based on that plugin. If you buy a template, you can probably sell an app that uses that template.

Now, assuming that your product fits the definition of larger in scope and different in nature, I think it is always better to contact the author and get written permission to build and sell what you have in mind.


Sorry but that’s not true.

You do need the extended license but that alone is not enough to resell the item here, regardless of the modifications you have made.

You MUST have BOTH the extended license AND permission or agreement with the original author

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I am totally agreed with @charlie4282 you need permission or agreement with the original item Author.

But this is not the good thing, I suggest you to create your own item and sell that’s the best way.


@charlie4282 You mean that permission from the author is required even for using a thing like WP Bakery in a theme? The extended license definition should be enough, as long as the different in nature thing is taken very seriously. Am I wrong?

That’s different - that is just a plugin (which has clear guidelines about its use in other themes)

It’s not the same for a template, theme, app etc.

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It’s not the same for a template, theme, app etc.

Got it. Anyway, we are on the same page. I thought that getting permission from the author was a “moral duty”, while you pointed out that this is also legally required. :100: