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As you know every your item has own statistic(I mean how many people saw your item etc.). Can I see statistic like how many people visit my profile every day? Thanks


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

This my opinion here check your item Statistic


As I said, I know where is item statistic, I need whole portfolio statistic. Thanks anyway


Actually i don’t have any experience about videhive statistics How would you can see all item or portfolio statistics wait for more expert reply.

I can help on HTML & Other CMS all item statistics how to see all items or portfolio statistics

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Thank you anyway, maybe someone know about this

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Hi @Motionavigations

As far I know currently Envato market don’t included this features. But if you would like you can Contact Support for more details.


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You will get full access to statistics after receiving the “Elite” status"

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Hah, maybe next life :grinning:

Hello @Motionavigations

As @CRY3D said you will setup google analytics for your profile page and check view

you can check more here:

Thanks :slight_smile: