How many people visit and download each item?

I already asked this question in the topic about earnings, but unfortunately there were no answers from the market staff. Try to get answers in a separate thread. So…

Maybe someone knows the answer to the question. Why authors do not have access to the number of downloads of the item. I mean, we have all sorts of trends, earnings per day, bonuses, etc. But we do not have data on how many people visited the item page and how many people downloaded (licensed) the item. WHY?

I would be very grateful for transparent answers from the staff and for a wide discussion from the authors.


++ I am with you

Hey, Analytics section avilabel how many members visited daily. Earnings section also showing sales list.

Really? Can you please upload some screenshots to show the data of visited daily also the sale number of each item? Thank you

You can go to check your dashboard earnings &ytoir item Analytics tab.

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Is thís tab available for every author? I checked and can’t see the Analytic Tab in my dashboard :disappointed_relieved:

@SPRUKO they are talking here about Elements not Markets (as I see you are not an Elements author - not with this account).

ok got it thank you

1st April earnings are already available…How much did you guys make from each item in one day?

I made 0.24$ per item after tax :sweat_smile: on the market it would have been over 1k

And that’s the reason why I dont want to know the numbers of total downloads…:joy:

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Yes. It would be great to have Analytics tab like on the Market on Elements. But there is no such functionality.

No. It wasn’t me :neutral_face:

Painful Truth: the answers to those questions will never be shared by Envato. And the Envato Staff have almost certainly been instructed to not respond to those questions when Elements authors ask about them. (Or Envato Staff are afraid to answer them, for fear of being disciplined/fired/etc.)

Authors have been asking for that information since Elements was launched.

Envato only wants to share analytics and information that will encourage authors to keep uploading. Such as: popular topics, best selling items, trends, keywords, etc.

Envato does not want to share any analytics or information that could discourage authors from uploading. Authors seeing page traffic and knowing the actual number of times their items were downloaded, would almost certainly discourage them. Why?

  1. Page traffic and page visits would allow authors to easily see if Envato Elements is growing or dying, based on month to month visits. If page visits are falling, this could be a strong indicator that authors would be better suited to upload their footage to another marketplace. :eyes:

  2. Seeing download numbers for items would allow authors to calculate just how little they are actually making per download. For example, I have an item that made me $5.00 last month. Which sounds ok. But if I were to see that I made $5.00 on that item and that it was downloaded 500 times, it would allow me to calculate that I only made $0.01 per download. …Which doesn’t sound like a very good deal for the author does it? :eyes:

Envato is a business and they are in business to make money. I don’t fault them for that. But it certainly appears that Envato Elements was created to make Envato more money, not authors. I also don’t fault the Envato staff or the development team in these forums, as they likely have no say in Envato’s decision to not share that information with authors.


Me too here, I don’t want to collapse and have a heart attack :rofl:


painful fact :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You will probably never know the number of downloads. I did the test on other sites of this type, I got 0.06 euro for one download.

One thing is interesting to me. I make a dozen or so templates a month and apart from increasing the items in my portfolio, nothing changes in my earnings.

I make more items and the earnings are still the same. I have been the author of Elements from the beginning, so it has changed over time, but now I have had the same earnings on average for 2 years.

Interestingly, the earnings do not exceed a certain amount that I am usually able to earn, and sometimes they decrease. Mainly during the summer and holiday season.