Outstanding WordPress developer for accepted design - ThemeForest

We are looking for wp developer for our new theme with accepted design !!! On Themeforest now is only MUSE version:
but we are finishing HTML and will be ready in next few days. HTML is based on this psd:

As you can see the project with the potential for a good sales on themeforest. Now we have 17 pages (some are similar each other) but we will be updating

We are looking for someone who:

  • do this job in within max 8 days - IMPORTANT
  • has experience on themeforest - we believe you, but we can not afford to be rejected because time is important for us as I said before :slight_smile:
  • high quality of work - themeforest standards
  • will be providing support because theme will be on your themeforest account

We develop many themes so we can have long partnership !!!
If you are interested and think that you can do it don’t hesitate to write me !!! Skype: adrian_oniszczuk Mail: allegro@adri.pl

Regards :slight_smile:

  • do this job in within max 8 days - IMPORTANT

are you serious on that? Nobody can work on that timeline for WordPress… or maybe I don’t understand it…

Hi, thanks for your interest :slight_smile: and say for yourself. If you can’t, it doesn’t mean all people can’t. I was working with teams that were converting sites like that in one week

We can extend this time to 13 days but if and only if the person will have at least one very good wp theme on ThemeForest.

No one will work on that timeline even a team of developers… I am here because I am shocked on the 8-13 days timeline, so good luck in looking… :slight_smile:


Well if it’s HTML -> WP then 8 days is ok.

If it was PSD -> WP then it would be a different story.


You might want to mention who gets how much %. I’m assuming 40% for you 60% for the developer( since it’s HTML -> WP, not PSD -> WP, in which case it would be about 30% 70% ).

Hi :slight_smile: of course HTML to wp. As I wrote we are developing HTML. I showed psd because HTML isn’t ready.

Please give me your Skype