Looking for a team to work with as a Wordpress and HTML5 developer on their PSDs.

Hello Everybody,
I am Allen Titan. PHP developer since 2011. I am expert and have a deep understanding, skill and knowledge of wp theme and plugin development.

I joined as a developer in themeforest 1 month ago uploading my first theme. But, very unfortunately I get rejection because of lacking of designing idea. And I understand that I am really need a designer.
here is the link which was rejected

So, I am looking for PSDs which I will convert to first HTML5 and them wp-theme.

So, Now I am looking for a team to work with as a developer. Not only wordpress theme or plugin but also html5 templates.

And here are some of the facts that you should note before we go to any deal.

  1. Time should not be a fact whenever I work.
  2. Though lot people work 12 hours a day, I work 8 hours a day because of my university study pressure. I hope that is not a problem.
  3. I will take 7-10 days to complete any html tempalte and 7-10 days for any wordpress theme. Which means 30-40 days and four theme (2 html and 2 wp).

You should share links to websites which you created (even if you only did the coding and not the design) - people will be far far more open to working with someone with examples of their work.