Our Theme Has Been Rejected

Hello fellow authors,

Unfortunately after almost a year of hard work, our Wordpress theme has been totally rejected, and we don’t really see why!! We don’t know maybe this is our first item? However we thought we followed the requirements step by step and we got inspiration from existing themes in the market.

Please help us to define the reasons to move forward and revalue the time spent in this theme :disappointed:

This is our preview : http://growth.codinless.com/


Hi @Codinless,

Was it hard rejected? If so, I’m not sure if it deserved it, your theme doesn’t look that bad :slight_smile:
There are few minor issues, like unreadable breadcrumbs, several spacing problems, probably typography could use some improvement here and there, but these are common soft-rejection reasons that many authors are asked to fix.

Or, even if your theme was decent enough, it may be too similar to already existing items on the market and therefore was rejected.


Hi @LucaThemesCom,

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

Yes it was unfortunately a hard rejected :frowning: and yes may be the second reason you mentioned, may be too similar to existing items, and that’s the funny story behind Themeforest when you create a design for your theme a year ago you find yourself competing with similar design a year after :sweat_smile: just before submitting your theme even with a similar name, here two examples :

[links removed]

That’s for me it called a bad luck :frowning:
So now i guess it become like this the faster you submit the faster you guarantee an approval


Sorry, I had to remove the links :slight_smile:

But the concept is similar, correct. The whole business website design is quite common for many themes, but I think you may still have your theme approved if you make significant changes to it. That’s what rules say :slight_smile:


No problem :slight_smile:

Ok i agree, but how can i be sure that it was rejected because of this reason, imagine that we go further and upgrade this one, then we get another hard rejection and still don’t know why! I wish that a member of Themeforest team can confirm this, i know it would be easy but even a small sign can help us :sweat_smile:


Well, until there’s a reviewer involved in this converasion you can’t be sure what the real rejection reason was :slight_smile: I think that there are forum members that will be happy to provide you wth additional feedback though, there are many helpful people in here.

Take care!

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I think it was hard rejected because most of the themes now days are full package. What this means? Your design, even it is corporate themed, is outdated. Your theme doesn’t have any slide in animations. Today they’re standard (this is just one example of what’s lacking). Users who don’t want them should have the option to turn those off. So, basically the whole feel of the page is like 2000. CSS3 is today for CSS3 browsers, CSS2 and 1 fallbacks are for older. You can be compatible with everything and still be at the edge, which really this item is missing. At least I think this way :slight_smile: Be at the top, don’t settle for anything less! Thanks!

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Thank you @LucaThemesCom :slight_smile:

Hi @dzeriho

Thank you for your feedback :), you made it more clear for me i appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think the problem is we have to focus on what customer are really need and follow new standards than what Themeforest require, may be this is the key, i hope we begin to understand what it is before diving deeper.