Why our theam is rejected after best efforts

Our theme is rejected after best efforts given by us. and we want to know exact reason behind rejection
please suggest us


Beside that this is quite out-dated design approach as well as there’re quite a lot themes already at the marketplace offering the same, addition to there’re typo issues, you should find a better idea to get the WordPress themes approved.

If you could’ve post this one like two years ago, you may got the approval ( soft-rejected message with requests to fix issues )

Thnks ki-themes
Can you plz suggest us where is the typo issue, if you can give us some of suggestions of typo issue in this theme. So we can improve it in our next theme.
Plz suggest us.

Is looking very good to me, it is getting impossible to get a theme approved on TF :slight_smile:

It’s over-all design. It’s not bad but if you check the category, you can easily find 20+ themes using the same design approach/logic.

The key is to get the theme approved is being unique ( as well as you need to be lucky to not to get one of the reviewers who’s not having a bad day :slight_smile: )