Our entry to National selection for Eurovision 2016


Hello fellas!
Just want to share with you: me and my band just finished our track for Belarus National Selection to Eurovision 2016.

I will happy if you leave your feedback here!
Hope, you’ re like it! =))
Cheers =)


Wow, that’s awesome, best of luck, @soundbay! Very familiar with Eurovision, I used to watch it all the time growing-up as a kid! What are the next steps in the contest and how do they pick who represents Belarus?

I remember @Mihai_Sorohan representing Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest several years ago, maybe Mihai can share some tips? Are there any other AudioJungle authors who have taken part in any well known events like this either as an artist or a band?


Thanks, @scottwills!
The next step will be audition. But nobody knows how do they pick winners in our country! =))))


Good luck to you with this, 20 years ago I co-wrote a song as an entry to the Eurovision song contest with a fella from the Boomtown Rats as he was a member of the Songwriters Guild here in the UK as that was an entry requirement. I do not know if that has changed now but the song did not make the audition - Nil Points.


thanks a lot, @gballx
in our country isn’t requires to be in a Songwriters Guild to submit the music to contest. but there is an audition and the jury chooses the winner, which will represent the country.


Amazing Job!! Good luck!!


Thanks a lot!)


GREAT JOB!!! Wish you all the best my friend!!! :grin:


Thank u a lot!)))


My wife’s the biggest Eurovision fan EVER! We’ll be routing for you buddy :+1:


thanks for the support! really appreciate it! =)