O'TV - Mobile Online TV e Video Streaming App

Good afternoon:

I bought (O’TV - Mobile Online TV and Video Streaming App).

I edited in Android Studio and downloaded the APK for the cell phone, the APP opens normally, but when I click on the logo of the TV channel the APP disappears from the phone.

Why is this happening?

I need help, thank you.

please hope you will get more perfect answer if you post a query comments by going through the App Item details page then comments tab and post a comments. So thst App Auhtor can reply you. Thanks

I went on the file page but the file is no longer available

I bought a product but I can not use it because it will not work. Can someone help me?

sorry! to know that. Please check documentation if you get any support help there ( hope you have received a docuemntation with the purchased Item ). This is an App and only App Author know well about the Item functionality. Thanks

I did everything right as it is in the documentation, install the app on the phone it opens normal but when I click on the channel logo the APP disappears.

I already sent an EMAIL to the author but he does not respond

really very sorry to hear this but in forum we can give you guideline but solution may be not possible because we (except Item Author) rae not familiar with Item functionality. Again sorry! but you can wait for the Author reply or you can hire a freelancer. Thanks