Problems and no support

I bought this item and only had a headache and lack of support.
TvFlix - Movies - TV Series - Live TV Channels for Android TV by virmana (

Constant app errors and not accepted on android tv playstore being rejected by android tv support for not containing google play console recommendations. I reported the problem to the author and the same only tells me that the app already has such functions requested to be accepted on android tv but everything is a lie, I sent the email I receive from google play console requesting the functions and the author goes months without replying and when I asked for a refund, he didn’t respond to my emails even after months.
Email from google console requesting these functions below:
Publishing status: Rejected
Your app has not been accepted into Android TV. This does not affect your app’s status on Google Play.
Reasons of violation\ 48xauto Eligibility issues by version
Version(s) Eligibility Issue

App Bundle:9, App Bundle:5 No full-size app banner
Your app does not contain a full-size app banner or is it not visible in the launcher. We are targeting 1080P, which we consider xhdpi. Apps should include the banner in the xhdpi (320 dpi) drawables folder with a size of (320px × 180px). Please refer to our Home Screen Banner and UI Patterns documentation.

The title should help users identify apps in the launcher. Please refer to our Visual Design and User Interaction documentation for more information.

  • For example, your app title does not match your banner title.
    App Bundle:9, App Bundle:5 Missing DPad functionality
    Your app requires user interaction for menus or app navigation. Please make sure that all menus and app navigation are fully functional using a DPad. Please refer to our DPAD Control and Hardware Declaration documentation.
    App Bundle:5 Text cuts off edges of screen
    Your app contains text that is cut off on the edges of the TV screen. Please refer to our Overscan documentation for more information.

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