otal Business - Multi-Purpose Business WP Theme | website not loading


We purchased “Total Business - Multi-Purpose Business WP Theme” and created website. Live the website domain. After few days it had been hacked. We rectified the issue and updated the files in live. But now the website showing some dangerous page in google chrome. How to rectify this issue. Kindky refer the below link of website.

Highly unlikely that this is to do with the theme and much more likely to be an issue with the hosting - you can try contacting the theme author but if the issue is with the hosting then they may not be able to help

Hey there,

This is AJ the developer of the Total theme. I can confirm that the theme is safe to use. However, you do have issues with the site getting hacked we’d be more then happy to provide you with some good tips to help better secure your server - https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/docs/how-to-request-support/

If your site was hacked once but later hacked again you can also contact your web host and they should be able to check the server logs to help you figure out how it happend. Also at this point it’s very important to rename your admin users, change admin user passwords, database user and password, and secure keys in the wp-config.php files - if you didn’t do all those things or the infection wasn’t cleared 100% it would be very easy to get hacked again.