Lucille Theme not completely loading

A am a voluteer for a non-profit that uses the Lucille theme on their website. Yesterday for some reason the theme did not completely load. I receive an error message of “Error: This theme failed to load properly and was paused within the admin backend.”

I can no longer make content changes to the site, but our 2-week event where we sell tickets via Woocommerce is beginning today. The current pages on the website appear to be functioning OK, but I’m not able to save any updates or create new pages.

The web designer who originally set up the site is long gone, and I need to know if I should just purchase a new Lucille license and reinstall the theme, and if that will change any customization that had been done to the theme since the original purchase. If there is a way to repair the theme without making any other content/formatting changes to the existing site, that would be the ideal solution, but I’m hesitant to make any changes that might crash the site, since the next two weeks are when your annual event runs.

I appreciate any help, since I don’t want to cause any damage to the site or to cause any glitches to the incoming revenue from ticket purchases over the next two weeks.

It’s hard to suggest anything at this point as you may break the website but if there’s customization/modifications on the website, purchasing the license one more time and re-installing may not solve the problem - although you could give a try.

Best suggestion would be to hire a freelance to solve the problem for you - as if you’re interested in, I could say that I’m available for freelance work.

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The error message I receive from WordPress is “An error of type E_COMPILE_ERROR was caused in line 357 of the file /home3/z9axuklg/public_html/wp-content/themes/lucille/assets/envato-wordpress-toolkit-library/class-envato-wordpress-theme-upgrader.php. Error message: Declaration of Envato_Theme_Installer_Skin::feedback($string) must be compatible with WP_Upgrader_Skin::feedback($feedback, …$args)” if that provides more clues about a possible resolution to this problem…

Presumably therefore the theme has not been updated any time recently?

As @ki-themes said the issue is that any customisation could be lost by buying a new copy of the the theme but at the same time you really need to be using the latest copy.

Your best option maybe to properly back up the existing site and try getting a new copy of the theme and installing that. If in any doubt about the process for doing this then you really should seek help to safeguard what you have.