Oshine Plugin Error

I recently downloaded the latest version of the Oshine theme and I am having issues with the plugins. The Oshine-core plugin gets the error:

Could not copy file. oshine-core/inc/importer/demo-files/v23/content.xml

and then the slider plugins won’t update. I’ve searched around and not finding any other topics on this minus a different error with the oshine core plugin. I’ve re-downloaded the files, but it keeps happening. Anyone know what’s causing this?

Hi @lisastar08,

Welcome to the forums! You may need to contact @brandexponents, the author of Oshine theme:


Hi @lisastar08,

Thanks for purchasing our theme. This is Swami of Brand Exponents, the author of Oshine theme. Please write to help@brandexponents.com with your issues so that our support team can investigate and get back to you with a solution asap.


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Thank you! Sent the email.