Anyone knows if Oshine Theme (Brand Exponent) still supported?

Hello everyone. I am having some problem with Oshine Theme.

Basically no matter what Plugin I am installing (SEOs, Galleries etc), the website will crash once the plugins are activated. The system would shows that Oshine Core & Module are deactivated > urges me to activate them > which I cannot by any mean.

I checked and it shows similar problems dating back to 2017, where updating PHP to 5+ were recommended. But I am a new user using PHP 7+ so I think it is irrelevant.

I tried to contact their Customer support 11 days ago, and directly messaged their facebook 5 days ago, but received no response at all. When I tried to filed another ticket for help, the status shows “closed” directly after submission.

So I am wondering if the company is still running, or does anyone faced similar problem with any solution?

Thank you very much for your help.

It’s gonna be hard to get suggestion/solutions here as you may need to solve the issue with the item author - if they provide support for the 3rd party items ( they may ignore your request )

Thank you very much for your answer. Brand Exponent have not provided any response… I have a feeling that the company may not even exist anymore. Shame… The design and module itself are very nice but without any plugin including SEOs, it is practically useless…