Origami Logo White Reveal After Effects Template Not Working

Hi there. I purchased the template “Origami Logo White Reveal’ today and am getting several errors when I open the file. The first one that comes up says that it 'has to be converted from version 10 but (windows 64) but original file will be unchanged” the next one says that six files are missing, and the last one says that the file is locked. Once it opens, it’s not functional and since there are no instructions and no help file of any type I have no idea what to do… I only have a seven day trial of After Effects within my Adobe CC suite so am hoping that I can make the one simple graphic I need before time runs out. I am savvy in Photoshop, Lightroom, and decent in Illustrator, so I didn’t think I’d struggle with this :slight_smile: I’m a single mom of two and I can’t afford to waste this money. Can anyone help? Once I’m into the file, the screen looks like an old-school off-air tv (the colored bars) which is NOT what it’s supposed to look like , and I cannot figure out a way to put the graphic I created in to the spot I gather its supposed to go. So frustrated :slight_smile: