Order of Updates & Accessing Betheme Account

Two questions:

  1. I work with a site that uses Betheme, but I do not know the original email used to set up the Betheme account so am unable to login to contact support although I have an active license, etc. And I cannot set up a new Betheme account because it requires the Themeforest username for the account, but I am lacking that as well since I did not originally set up the site or make the original orders. How can I go about verifying my site and getting access to these accounts so that I can use the normal support methods?

  2. I have a number of updates I need to run on my site and am wondering which I should update first to mitigate risk, etc. (update the overall Wordpress first, PHP, then Betheme, then betheme plugins, etc.?). Does the order matter?


Unfortunately, you will not be able to access support and updates without the original purchase account.

Also if the purchase is over 6 months old (which it sounds like it is, then there would be no active support)

It would be sensible to purchase a new license and then you will have access to all of the updates, 6 months support and no issues relating to ownership etc.