Betheme Update problems

Hi everyone,
4 years ago, I bought Betheme. So far so good.
I hadn’t used it that much.
Today I was curious how to update it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any option in wordpress.

I am still using Betheme Version 15 which themes to be old like an dinosaur. I can’t help myself. There is no update button in wordpress for Betheme available. But for other themes it is.

I was thinking there is a chance to download the newest version in themeforest because I bought it in the year 2016. But there isn’t. I just can downlaod the old version of 2016.

So what should I do?

I am looking forward for good advice.
Thanks in advance.


If you download the theme from your themeforest account then it will be the latest version.

The update process (esp after 4 years) will depend on the changes you have made etc. So it’s best to check the theme documentation and see if there are any specific guidelines

Thank you :slight_smile: