Opening up the Elements Authors forum category

@RedMoodStudio Great to hear it! Good luck with your video portfolio - we’ll be sharing more articles on video trends over the next few months, too.

@SpaceStockFootage Oh, you’ll still need that to get into the secret bar :wink: Down the alley, third door on your left, use the secret handshake and the barman will let you in…

@bkninja No, we aren’t making any immediate changes to the Elements application process. Today’s change just brings the Elements forum area into alignment with our other Author forums. It also makes it much easier to introduce new authors to the community - previously we needed authors to already have a forum account before we could give them access, which created a lot of confusion.


and i felt so special…lol. welcome all!

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Hello guys, I wanted to share a feature request. I would greatly need a method to generate an invoice for the Elements earnings, because currently this is not possible (neither in the new dashboard, nor in the old one). I would need the “Print this overview” and “View Invoices” features from the “Statement” menu from Envato Market dashboard.

We really appreciate your hard work!


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Hi @BenLeong

I can’t login…why?? so I reply to this topic via email

how can i login again?


Great news! Tell me, does elements have a separate support for authors?

Good to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:

Not anymore :joy: :rofl:

Oh no!

They can see us now…



Hi @CodeRevolution! There’s some more news on this coming soon - earnings invoices are on the way, and will be accessible through the dashboard. I’ll share more information once I know more about the expected release date, but this work is already underway.

Hi @RedMoodStudio. I’m not sure what’s causing that - I’ve just logged your account out on all devices, so you should be able to try again now. If you get stuck, try going directly to and signing in there, and then returning to the forums.

Support tickets for Market and Elements authors are all handled via the same team, and our latest refresh of the Author Help Centre has combined articles that were previously split between the two.

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EDIT: my support ticket is solved. Thank You :slight_smile:

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Hi @BenLeong

Nice…now i can login again …
thank you very much

Hello BenLeong,

Please make Themeforest Sales Monitor topic also.

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Hallo ! Is it normally that i cannot see my statistics for this month in ? One more thing , october statistics for example showns like september, all statictics showns one month behind. In insights reports i also cannot see statistics for this month , is that normal ? screens attach

Look, the one month delay needs to be to calculate everything properly. Subscriptions starts every day in month and not only from the 1st, so the customer who starts his subs, for example, on 17th of SEP, will be counted on the 17th of OCT.

The point is, now is november , but i cannot see stats for october , it is just isn’t there. Usually stats appears about 6 number of every mounth. So part of question was about it , is it normally that i have no stats 9th for october?

You can check this thread, there are some answers

Already read the thread in forum about this situation. You don’t have to answer , i got it. Just little bit of unusual delay. Thanks !

How do we submit sound FX from our portfolio to elements? I know how to do this with music, but all my sound FX don’t have the option to add them to elements ???

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