Open Source or not?

Hi All,

I’m planning to develop a plugin to be sold on codecanyon.
There will be a function which is stored on my server and when the purchased user activates my plugin, he will be able to get the output via api call. That way I’m trying to prevent using the same copy on multiple sites.

Does this make the plugin closed source?
Does this against the codecanyon or wordpress terms of use?


As far as I know, you cannot use it for the core features but you can ask “buyers” to activate some other features and/or support. You cannot use “encrypted” code within the file as well


As i understand you will create a plugin and that will be stored in your server and a another plugin which has the api details will be uploaded in envato .

If any users purchase and install that api plugin then that plugin will download the actual plugin from your server right ?

If thats yes then no you can do that in envato. its not allowed.