How to protect our projects?

i’m an author and i have some projects on Codecanyon.

I would like to publish new projects but i’m little undecided because our projects are cloned in other website for free!
I have sent many DMCA to them but every day my projects are cloned…

I think to have solution but i need your confirm.

I want to publish a project that when you install it you must to insert the number of order or buyer name and it check by the envato api if the order is real.

can it be a solution? it’s possible?

I’m sorry for my english.

Yes, validating purchase codes is available in the envato api:

thank you so much.

I read the api before write this post but i don’t found the solutions.

Do you mean “purchase identified by the purchase code” ? Where the buyer can find this code?

The buyer finds the code when he downloads the item.

Read this:

Ok i found it thank you.

I have a question: if a customer buy my project and share it with the purchase code it will still be valid, right?

Yes. But you can submit this code to envato and report it, so they can maybe lock this one.

There is clean code example, with demo plugin and standalone library for verification I created last year to help the author. I released it under MIT-Open-Source license, so that means that you can just take and integrate that library (3 files) to your plugin and use it ;):

Checking the license key is a way to go, but I do not believe this will stop them.
Are we allowed to report any installation of plugin/app to a private server?

The best solution will be to encode one of the projects files with ioncube but my understanding is that this is not allowed on Envato.

Encrypting the code is not allowed. And now a good coding. What if the keylogger inside. Anyway, you can pack / minify your javascript. That is not encryption, but is harder to crack, and slow-downs / takes more money from cracking. I’m also building of activation via license server plugin, that will verify via Envato. That will even more complicate the cracking process, plus you will be able to count how many activations there are per license key, and report to Envato license keys that are activated too many times, or on too many different domains. You can have your license server call with activation button click (so no anonymous tracking, reporting without customer’s knowledge).