One of my files just got good sales an im HAPPY

Hi guys! I’m so excited because my Sketch master has 59 salles till now

This is a great result for me. Becouse this file and 2more files helped me to be AUTHOR OF THE WEEK
I was really low with sales but this 3 months are best month for me and im very happy

Im also looking to bring new ideas and new stuff for Marketplace

Thank you, Envato and everyone in this community.

Congratulations @LightDesigns! My Animated Parallax Tool Kit (Photoshop action) also have good sales. Not much but I have only one single item for sale.
1 Month - 60 sales, 8 times trending, 4 times rated with 5 stars, around 6,000 views on YouTube, 2nd place on top authors for October - November and 1st place for most subscribers in Graphicriver at the same month.
Good luck to you mate! I follow your good work. :slight_smile:

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Thank you mate CONGRATULATIONS to your success too