My first approved Animated Photoshop item. I'm so happy ^_^

Hello guys, i’m new here and so excited to introduce you my first approved item in Graphicriver, called Animated Parallax Tool Kit.
It’s very hard to be created in Photoshop…
All familiar Parallax animations are created in AAE. So, after 1 month work and debugging i wanna show you the best Parallax Tool Kit with Video Presentation and Video Tutorial.
Every static photo turns into cool animation without the need of any photoshop skills. Unlike the other actions, my product doesn’t require adjusting the animations. It’s really brush and play.
Check the Parallax Tool Kit here :slight_smile:

:sparkles: Amazing! :sparkles: Congratulations! :slight_smile:

Thank you :smile:

Congratulations @GifCreator :tada: Good luck for sales :slight_smile:

Thank you @janxcode_team :slight_smile: You have a nice portfolio. My idea is my items to be easy for the customers. They are really “Click the play button and the animations + all filters, camera effects and more will be ready”. You can save as a static image or video .AVI .MP4 or .GIF. And all this in Photoshop for people with zero skills and home computers. :slight_smile: