nWallet App account

Strange, since this morning it´s not possible to add a new account to the app after app has lost my account data today.
Re-installed but still not working to add.

Go to the menu in the left upper corner and click “Add Account”. The button in the right corner menu didn’t work for me.

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nWallet app have had a big update today. “Add Account” button in 3 dots menu on the top right doesn’t work. But if you open the menu on the left the “Add Account” button works. Anyway I prefear the previous version.

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I have recently (1 week ago) finished a more complete web-app like nWallet. I know nWallet is pretty old on the market, but I made my own version, with all the features I needed and also put it up on CodeCanyon.

If any of you guys is interested to see what it looks like,
drop me a message. It seems that apps for authors these days I pretty much in the topics :slight_smile:


Works, cool thx.