nWallet App not updating sales infos

Has anybody same problems with nWallet Android App not updating sales information since thursday?

And I had some sales on friday, that´s what I checked before :slight_smile:

Same heree, since yesterday it wasn’t updating the sales :wink:

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Same for me.

Yes, first i had problems with adding account , now with updating sales…:frowning:

Same issue here with android, did the uninstall and reinstall thing and today worked. Is quite unstable this days ,perhaps is api related?
Also, @dysko visits this thread, nWallet

I tryed to communicate him and it seems he is on holiday.

just try to remove the account and again to enter

I do not know I do not use ( ( (

Add account again and everything should be ok.

And again (today 09.Sept). No update info from nWallet.This sucks.
Is there any working alternative for Android?

I just deleted my account and added it again, works fine now.

Yes, it´s the second time in short term I need to do this.
Hope this will the last.

Same here … I guess there is a problem with Envato API

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This is also applicable for the Vatomium iOS App. @matthewcoxy, could this be an API issue?

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Hi, actually I got problems with nWallet.

A few sales ago nWallet stopped updating informations. Then I decided to remove my account and to add it new.

I pressed “GET CODE”

Now this page appeared:

I pressed “Approve” and then …

What’s wrong now? Do I miss something? Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

Hi @UJ-pro
nWallet is currently down while the author is working with Envato to fix some trouble with the Envato API.


Ah OK. :sweat_smile:

Thanks very much @thenextsoft ! :+1:

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Seems to work again. Got my beloved sales info sound back - Ta Da;-)

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Yeah it’s actually work for me again.

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For me it’s good now :slight_smile:
Thank you @dysko and well done !