Not received my first payment on themeforest

I’m sorry team to post this thread, as this is just an effort to draw your attention towards me.

My ticket no is 704067

My problem is that it has been more than 5 days and I’ve not received my payment.

As it’s the only source of income for our family so it’s an urgency for need of money, because we have to pay bills and rents of this month and previous month together.

Please considering my problem I request the team members to look into the issue and help me asap in receiving the money I’ve earned on envato themeforest.


Did I forgot to mention that I’ve applied for checkout on 15 dec 2016

I’ve screenshot of the email too which envato sent me.

I, 've attached that on ticket I’ve applied

What now?

Will i receieve the payment or not?

If yes then
I want to know that when i will receive my payment?

Last month payments have been already transfered like 10 days ago. Wait for the support’s reply

I see that you received your level 2 badge five days ago, are you sure that you had cross the $50 threshold before the end of December? If not, then unfortunately you were not eligible for a withdrawal, you’ll have to wait for the January payment, which will be processed on February 15.

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