Problem with Payoneer.

Hi, I am working on ThemeForest from last 2 years. I choose Payoneer to receive my payment. I got all my payment from ThemeForest to Payoneer without facing any problem yet. But this month someone made a transaction from my card, that’s why Payoneer blocked my old card and ask me to order a new card. I took it immediately due to get my money urgent through DHL and activated the card. After got this month payment it’s not loading my account and it shows that processing card load on payment history, I contacted their customer support and they told me that they need some documents to release the fund. I provide my all the documents. Today morning I see after login to my account that my payment is rejected. Why it shows there? I don’t understand anything. If the Payoneer rejected my payment then it should be returned to my ThemeForest account.

Anybody facing this kind of problem. How can I solve this? I am totally devasted. if any Payoneer customer manager here then please help me out.

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My suggestion is to contact the Envato Help Team in a ticket to solve any payment related problems. Logically if the payment was rejected by Payoneer, the funds will be returned into your ThemeForest account. But to be sure, you should ask the help team.

Good Luck!

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Hi, @ThemeSLR thanks for your suggestion sir. I already contact with Envato team and they are going to investigate the issue.

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Will probably take a little bit of time. As Envato sent the money to Payoneer rather than you… the money will be returned to Envato, so it’s likely somebody will have to manually re-allocate that money to your account.

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@SpaceStockFootage, Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: