My earning not processed on 15th April

My author earnings for the month of March is not processed. I have read it somewhere that if the 15th of a month falls on a weekend the earning will be processed the next business day. Should i wait on contact the support? Anyone else here having the same issue for the Month of March 2018?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @opusthemes,

You should wait a bit longer. Please make sure you familiarized yourself with the following thread:

and contact Envato Help and Support in the next few days if withdrawal is not processed.


I have the same problem

I have two accounts and most of the cases, I receive one of the payment ( second account - always ) a bit late like around 10-12 hours. Just wait a bit more…

Same here, my earnings from march were returned to my themeforest balance this morning, anyone had this issue ? Will i really have to wait another month for them to fix it ?

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My SWIFT withdrawal was rejected and got back to the account in the morning.

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Same happened to me, but paypal, u got this morning and saw my earnings back to themeforest :confused:

I have received my earnings, without any issue. They have sent an email about the payment process ( changes ) few weeks ago. Have you read it?

I think it is because they deployed automatic payments which was scheduled to begin from April 16, 2018. @ki-themes rightly referring to the payout changes made couplet of months ago. My earnings is still not processed for the Month of March so fingers crossed!

Withdrawal was processed few minutes ago. Check your email

I have the same issue. Payment not processed.

I have the same issue. Payment not processed.:pensive::frowning_face: